DVR Examiner User Certification

Product Description

Course Synopsis

The DVR Examiner User Certification course is a 3 day course providing training on the use of DVR Examiner. This course will provide instruction on how to use DVR Examiner for the forensic recovery of DVR data as well as providing an introduction into the underlying concepts behind how DVR Examiner works.


This course of instruction will be hands on. There will be lecture portions, followed by hands on examples of the concepts presented in the lecture.

In order to complete this course, the attendee will be required to pass a written and practical test. This will demonstrate the attendee’s ability to understand the concepts as well as demonstrate proficiency in the use of DVR Examiner under real world conditions.

Course Objectives

  • Overview of the basic concepts used in the detection of DVR data.
  • How to install and update the software.
  • Field considerations for DVR data recovery.
  • Office/laboratory considerations for DVR data recovery.
  • Training on the use of DVR Examiner software.
  • Acquiring DVR data from physical media and image files.
  • Use of the Source Window.
  • Scanning and recovering DVR data.
  • Understanding and utilizing the features of the DVR Examiner Main Window.
  • Applying date/time offset filters to correct for DVR versus actual time.
  • The use of filters to rapidly and efficiently identify the event of interest from the recovered DVR data.
  • Utilizing the Load and Save functions.
  • Selecting clips for export and different ways to export recovered DVR data.
  • Exporting recovered DVR data.
  • Searching for data inaccessible to the DVR and recovery.
  • Understanding the DVR Examiner Export Report.
  • How to use DVR Profiler.
  • Written examination.
  • Practical examination.

Who Should Take This Course?

This is the official training course for DVR Examiner. We encourage anyone who uses or may use DVR Examiner to take this course.

Course Requirements

This is an introduction course and no specific knowledge or skills are necessary.

Technical Requirements

In most situations attendees should bring their own laptop and DVR Examiner license.

This course does leverage DVR Examiner. A full license is not required and a training license will be available.