DVR Examiner

Product Description

Forensic DVR Recovery

DVR Examiner is a software solution for acquiring video and metadata from CCTV DVRs in a forensically sound manner. Whether in the field or in the lab, DVR Examiner allows law enforcement and other forensic professionals to bypass DVR passwords and archaic menus to quickly extract evidence from the DVR hard drive directly.

Integrated Video Preview

DVR Examiner allows you to preview video directly from the application. Now you can search and find your incident before waiting for the export to happen. Simply preview the clips, find your incident and export only the video that you need!

Sorting, Filtering & Date Adjustment

Have you encountered yet another DVR that has an incorrect time set? By using the Date/Time offset adjustments built into DVR Examiner you can quickly and easily adjust the DVR times to real time. Now you can find your date/time of interest with less math!

Once you get the correct date/time you can easily sort, filter, and group clips to narrow down your search. Only need Channel 3 between a certain time? Apply a quick filter and limit the amount of video you have to review.

Open & Native Video

Depending upon the type of system DVR Examiner can give you an openly playable AVI, without any recompression. Simply export the file and email it to the prosecuter without having to worry about players and codecs.

If you need the native or proprietary video file, DVR Examiner can export the same file the DVR would give you, and we provide the correct player. No more having to hunt down the right player.

Easy Exports

Whether you are extracting all the video on the drive, or only a few clips, DVR Examiner makes the export a quick and painless process. Simply select the clips that you need, choose your options and go. DVR Examiner processes the export in the background so you don’t have to keep switching flash drives and copying files.

Once the export completes, DVR Examiner provides an easy to read report with all the pertinent details, no more having to keep track of what video has been exported and when.